150+ Questions to ask yourself when making an Environment

A collection of questions you should be asking yourself while making an environment. These questions will ensure you're building something with logic, story, design, and details in mind. The book is mainly for 3D environment artists, but most of the questions are applicable in 2d images.

This collection is in "alpha." (v0.3). I'll be adding detail pages for each question, explaining and giving some visual examples to bring more clarity. I'll also make it interactable so that if you click the question, it will get to the related page. 

If you buy this via Artstation, you should be receiving new updates automatically. So don't forget to re-download the more recent version.

The initial price generously reflects what the result will be. So don't feel like you are overpaying for just a list of questions, as this will become more than that. I will increase the value as I add new content to the document, so the earlier you buy it, the better deal you get ;) 

Release Notes

  • Added new pages to the document | Total pages: 65 (STORYTELLING LISTS COMPLETED)

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